Tuesday evening for 3 Tuesday's
Discussion, Learning, Teaching and
Implementation toward our Intuitive Selves


DATES: April 9th, 16th and 23rd - 3 Tuesday nights

$45.00 per meeting per person (3 Tuesday nights)
$35.00 per meeting if paid for in advance - $105.00 total
Registration must be complete via Paypal or credit card by April 1st

PURPOSE: To empower and awaken our senses and become
stronger in our "knowings". In these discussions will continue
to practice and develop our five primary channels

1) Clairvoyance
2) Clairaudience
3) Clairsentience
4) Clairalience
5) Clairgustance

We will exercise trusting our psychic gifts and abilities. The same abilities we came in with. We will ask the assistance of Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Guides, your own individual Higher Selves, Souls and/or other goodness "Beings". We will practice removing fear blocks to our potency that might have stood in the way of us becoming the magical beings we truly are. To assure each other that we no longer need to be afraid of our power and instead BE our power. An evening for us to wave our "magic wands" and manifest all of this in a casual environment. We will do such things as:

1) Aura Readings
2) Psychometry (bring an object)
3) Crystal or stone readings (bring your own favorite crystal)
4) Hands on energy work.
5) Photo readings (bring a picture of a loved one)
6) Past life readings
7) Remote healings
8) Candle diagnostic readings
9) Real life missing person cases
10) Vision templates (using ALL of your senses)


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