Amazing psychic and medium, Helen Birdsong will guide and help you

communicate with your loved ones who have transitioned to the other side.

Friday August 30, 2013
7:00PM to 9:00PM

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$20.00 per person

Enjoy an evening of communication

When faced with the task of mourning a treasured loved one, a profound measure of strength and will takes over. There are so many variables and plethora of situations involved when it comes to the death of an individual. What is key in this huge sea of despair and confusion is that physical death is not the end. That your loved one's soul still permeates this earth and is around you in spirit. The concept that life is eternal and goes on after we leave our physical bodies is something many of us feel is true. But do you want to communicate with them?

  Dr. Gabrielle Mancuso holds a PhD in Philosphy and Metaphysical Science. She is an instructor and in private practice as a Clinical Intuitive Hypnotherapist.  With Science of Hypnopsychology® Intitute.  She is also degreed in 5th Path, 7th Path, and Intuitive Superconciosuness therapies.  She holds a degree as a neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. She will evoke and assist anyone and everyone to go to the place of trace to see and help facilitate their own self improvement.

Helen Birdsong, CH has been an intuitive medium all of her life. She is honored with the gift of being cognitively connected to the other side.  She is in private practice as a a Certified Consulting Hypnotist specializing in past life regression. She has trained intensively with some of the field’s leading instructors. In her own words: "The first school for hypnosis was Sylvia Browne. Serendipitous? I graduated as a consulting hypnotist specializing in Past Life(P/L) life between life(L/B/L) Future life’s(F/L). I had no idea who Sylvia was, but it sure felt like coming home for me. I had been awakened and my thirst for knowledge was impossible to quench. Denise Warfield an amazing local physic, medium and teacher. In any class she conducted you would find me there. At the same time I studied with well known in New Age hypnotists; Dick Stuphen, Mary Elizabeth Rain, Michael Newton, David Quiggly in America. And Jonathan Royle and Alex Smith in England.".


People in the this gathering may be able to have certain answers **** such as the following:

Are my loved ones ok?
Are they happy and content?.
Do they see me and when are they around me?
Do they know how I feel about them?
How do I recognize them?
Do they speak to me?
Were they greeted by anyone when they crossed over?
Will I ever see them again? .
How do I let them know how I feel?
How do I keep them in my life?
Do they care about family feuds or disputes?
Come to this evening of enlightenment.

**** Although it would be a blessing to have each and every one of the departed souls to “speak” with us, there is absolutely no guarantee your personal loved ones will come through. By signing up for this evening you understand this is true and you may be simply there to observe instead of participation.

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