Facilitators: Ann Massa, Meena Desai and Gabrielle Mancuso
Thursday August 10, 2013
Full Day Retreat including Gourmet Lunch

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Do you have a health challenge?
Or perhaps you know
someone who is having Health
issues that you'd like to help

$85.00 per person per night.


Ann Massa

This class is designed to help you learn who your Divine Medical Beings and Angels are. You will learn how to manifest and embrace health over illness by learning to "hear" and "feel" your loving companions from the other side.

Divine Directed Intention and Angel therapies are based on the view that communicating with your universal energy is the key to healing.

It is not necessary to be clairvoyant or a medium to experience the joy and pleasure of beings from the other side. You do not need to see angels to experience them. A majority of people feel that they are never completely alone and can feel a presence enfolding them, guiding them and helping bring comfort, healing and wisdom.


Meena Desai and Gabrielle Mancuso have developed this gathering to support every participant. It is perfect for people who love angels, guides or spirits and who would like to meet and work with their special essences for healing. Add a special spiritual dimension to your life. Or become adept in learning how to invoke these beings to heal others. Develop that special healing gift that each your personal beings bring you.

            Meena Desai, CHt

  Gabrielle Mancuso, PhD, CCHt

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