March 22, 2013
Sheri Savko Channels Ahmere

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Sheri does not call herself a Channeler yet. But she does have an entity spirit that comes to her during meditation where she is "taken" by him. She speaks in tongues, which for some may seem a little odd to watch. Sometime she may end up in a chant, dance, breathing strangely or wanting to draw. OR he might not show up at all. Should you decide to come, you must know that this is NOT a commercial event. It's a small intimate gathering of just those that I feel might be interested and helpful to the process. Sheri has never done a salon gathering such as this. Omar has "been around" Sheri's friends, relatives and people she knows and trusts. You your being involved is an honor and privilege. As such I ask you to be kind and loving and bring only those thoughts of enrichment and wisdom to this hour and 1/2 meditation.

Please do NOT invite anyone else. Again this is a private event.

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