YOUR NEW CAREER - Hypnosis Certification
35 Hours of Intensive Training

With Instructor: Dr. Gabrielle Mancuso

March 18-22, 2013
Location: Mission Inn, Carmel, California

Diploma and Certification
Internship and Online Group Support Meetings
Available post-Certificaton
                                          Hypnosis Training Fee Only
$ 695.00
(wow ! $159.00 per day)


or call 831 626-6565 for phone order

: Any student enrolling with a partner, family member, friend,
or colleague will receive this class for $595.00 per enrollee.

Senior Discount:
Any student enrolling in both classes for full certification
training that is over 65 years old, will receive an additional
$50.00 discount

Healing Industry Associates Presently In Practice:
Wishing to take class will pay** $395.00

Hypnotherapists or Hypnotists already certified:

Wishing to take class will pay** $295.00

Previous Student of the Science of Hypnopsychology

Wishing repeat this class will pay**
** Subject to availability and class size

Course Overview
A laptop, iPad or SMART phone is highly recommended as
Power Point Presentations will be available for download


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Gabrielle Mancuso, PhD, CCHt, NLPp, MsDiv

Helen Birdsong, CHt

Guest Lecturer

, CHt
Guest Lecturer

Meena Desai, CHt
Angel Trance Facilitator


During this week you will come away with not only knowing how to use hypnosis for yourself and your clients/patients but how to have a thriving practice.

Our focus is to give you REAL skills for the real world, skills you will be able to use immediately after the training. We want you to be the best!

Small Class Sizes. Our focus is on teaching and transforming people. To do this, we restrict the size of each class so you have the ability to interact directly with the instructor to gain confidence and competence.

You will learn everything you need to know to be successful with hypnosis and working with clients, and you will also be taught practical business skills, such as: Getting the phone to ring with Social Media: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

What do you say once the phone rings to make the sale and get the appointment?

How do you properly screen clients to determine who to accept and who not to accept? (This is important!)


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Post Class Seminar, March 23rd. Click Here Subconscious Summit


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